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ARACELICOSMETICCENTER preserves the health and beauty of your skin. With real natural cosmetics that meet the highest quality standards. With selected plant ingredients, such as firming cork oak extract, and innovative active ingredient concepts, which not only keep your skin healthy, but also meet its specific needs with targeted action. Our ingredients and formulations meet the most rigorous quality tests. Their efficacy and skin tolerance have been scientifically confirmed by independent institutes.  Buy Alidya injection online

What is Alidya?  Buy Alidya injection online

Alidya is an injectable antilipodystrophic agent patented by Dr. Pasquale Motolese, and is sometimes referred to as 2nd Motolese’s Solution.
According to the manufacturer, this is the first injectable ever to focus solely on correcting gynoid lipodystrophy, or cellulite, and other skin issues associated with cellulite. Made by Ghimas S.p.A., each package contains 5 vials with 340mg of powder, and 5 vials with 10mL of solvent. Composed mainly of amino acids, Alidya reduces the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin, improving the overall look of the skin while also helping to prevent cellulite from forming after treatment. Treatment with this solution is non-surgical and minimally invasive, and can help patients achieve a smoother, more toned look to their skin.

How does Alidya work?

Basically, Alidya works by normalizing the physiological functions of the adipocytes. It also improves tissue oxygenation and provides the constituents for matrix-restructuring.


There are some mild potential side effects associated with this treatment, and it is important to discuss the patient’s medical history as well as the effects they may experience prior to treatment. While Alidya can be used on many individuals, the manufacturer does list a number of contraindications, advising that this product should not be used on patients who: are pregnant or breastfeeding; suffer from severe kidney or liver diseases; have diabetes or thyroid disorders; suffer from blood diseases that may lead to excessive bleeding; or have a history of using blood thinning medicine.

What are the most common side effects?

Small superficial hematomas
Light to moderate redness at the injection site.

Where can I get this product?

Alidya, a cellulite-correcting solution, can be purchased online through in a few easy steps. On the home page,
click on Brands, then Alidya, and finally click on Add To Bag. Fill the order form and payment details for confirming the purchase and the product will reach directly at your doorstep.



Buy Alidya injection online

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